Working with ISI Customer Relationships
ISI works with Customers according to a CTR Methodology
Consulting Engineering Mode
  • Straight Time & Material for project duration
  • Commences on receipt of Retainer
  • Bi-weekly invoicing beyond Retainer to a pre-determined risk level
  • Goal is to get enough detail in the specifications phase to move to a:
    • 'Team' Relationship, or a
    • 'Responsible' Relationship
Team Mode
  • Interactive co-development, dynamic environment
  • Customer provides Requirements (external functional) spec including user stories
  • ISI does Project Estimate
  • Work Commences with approved Purchase Order and Down Payment:
  • Progress Payments per milestone schedule apply
Responsible Mode
  • Fixed and Final Bid to a very detailed specification or drawing
  • Work commences with Approved Purchase Order and either a
    • Pre-Payment if item is custom or
    • per an established Progress Payment schedule
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